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Experiences of a Courtyard by Youth Collaborative for Chinatown (YCC)

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Courtyard is a public space with big potential. The “Experiences of a Courtyard” engagement station will explore what makes the courtyard special and what could make it an even better place to spend time in. Share your reflections and ideas on what makes a great public courtyard with the Team from Youth Collaborative for Chinatown, who also explored the re-design of nearby Memorial Square last summer. With a recent Parks Board motion to refresh this space, having a clear sense of what is important to the community and its vision for the courtyard is essential to the reactivation process.

About YCC
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The Team from Youth Collaborative for Chinatown (YCC) is reprised from the public space-making project in Summer 2017 funded by VIVA Vancouver to re-imagine public space in Chinatown; specifically, the cultural and geographic heart of the community at Keefer and Columbia Streets. The project included a community-led design process resulting in a design booklet based on Experiences of Chinatown.

This summer is also the third consecutive year of our “Hot+Noisy” Chinatown Mahjong Social in nearby Memorial Square, which is also part of the new Chinatown Summer Events series. As a place-keeping effort in the quickly changing neighbourhood, the free community play (and teach!) offerings of mahjong, ping pong, and childhood Chinese games aim to help reclaim cultural practice and knowledge, ensure its transfer across generations and cultures, and facilitate intergenerational play with Chinatown’s seniors.

Visit frida&frank’s Jianzi Jam booth to see some of our work in this area.