Kite Runner
Pengfei and Daichi

Kite Runner by Pengfei and Daichi

As part of their national culture, Chinese people have been crafting and flying kites, known as Zhiyuan, for more than 2,300 years. Kites are more than mere entertainment; in ancient times, people flew them to commemorate deceased loved ones and to drive off bad luck by releasing them into the sky. They represent anything from mythological characters and symbolic creatures to legendary figures.

We invite everyone to learn about the traditional and cultural aspects of kites in China with us, decorate their own Zhiyuan, and then fly them in the courtyard. We will also have fully decorated kites for reference and purchase. Each kite will come with a postcard explaining the history, culture, and symbolism behind the design.

About Pengfei and Daichi
Pengfei and Daichi

Pengfei and Daichi form a multidisciplinary design atelier in Vancouver. They both obtained their respective Master’s degree from the University of British Columbia School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture in 2016. Pengfei currently works as a landscape designer at Hapa Collaborative and Daichi as an intern architect at Ratio Architecture. They have in-depth experience in design and the fabrication of projects that vary widely in materials and scale. Their designs focus on exploring the potential of public space to create meaningful opportunities for interaction through programming and place-making strategies.