Jiànzi Jam
Jiànzi Jam by frida&frank ft YCC

Jiànzi Jam by frida&frank ft YCC

Play is one of the most important ways of activating public spaces, as well as inspiring cross-cultural learning. One could even call it pla(y)cemaking—and to bring it into the courtyard, frida&frank, together with the Youth Collaborative for Chinatown, will be showcasing some of the pla(y)cemaking work they have been doing through ping-pong, mahjong, Chinese chess, and more. We invite people of all ages and backgrounds to come together in making jiànzi "shuttlecocks", which can easily be crafted with everyday materials. Traditionally a Chinese folk game, this little toy has a way of encouraging play, aerobic exercise, and concentration through finding the precise moment in which to kick it into the air. We hope that people will take their jiànzi and enliven public spaces throughout the city after shaping the courtyard.

About frida&frank & YCC

At frida&frank, we work as urban catalysts to change people’s perspectives on public space. We believe in placemaking through experiential learning and play, prioritizing impact over outcome. We see our cities as urban ecosystems and believe in nurturing a symbiotic relationship between people and their environment.


Youth Collaborative for Chinatown

Youth Collaborative for Chinatown (青心在唐人街) is a grassroots group sharing the cultural heritage of Vancouver Chinatown through public space activation and community programming. Programs include the “Hot+Noisy” Chinatown Mahjong Social series (now in its third year!), and Saturday School place-based Cantonese language learning.