Vol. 03: Excellent Tofu
Edible Projects

Dou hua, is a Chinese dessert made with soft tofu. It can be served hot or cold, sweet or savory. In Taiwan, dou hua is traditionally served with sweet toppings and ginger syrup. We are serving Taiwanese-style cold dou hua, with seasonal toppings and syrups made from scratch. Think of it as a vegan panna cotta (literally "cooked cream") – a refreshing summer treat. For this pop-up event, you will have the opportunity to purchase the dou hua served in a custom ceramic bowl, hand made by James Kemp of Hand Eye Design Ceramics, a studio based in historic Chinatown.

About Edible Projects

Edible Projects aims to bring a new perspective and experience to food, often satisfying senses other than taste. We are trained industrial designers who went on to study food design and pâtisserie, working to create meaningful connections using food as our material.