Clothing Fix It
Clothing Fix-it

Clothing Fix It by Frameworq Education Society

Clothing Fix-it events promote community engagement, skill sharing, and textile waste diversion. Frameworq is bringing Fix-it to the courtyard and everyone is welcome to bring their clothes and repair them at the pop-up—Frameworq provides sewing machines, sewing supplies, plus guidance and expertise. Come together and share repair and mending skills—creativity is encouraged, such as upcycling or using techniques that draw inspiration from other forms of art (crochet, weaving, embroidery, visible mending etc.). Frameworq also offers paid workshops for those wanting to develop their sewing skills further after being inspired by the courtyard Fix-it!

About Frameworq

Frameworq Education Society, a non-profit organization (in registration process) with the mission to overthrow a throwaway culture, bring back repair skills, build resilient communities, and divert textile waste from the landfill.