Chao and Alisha

Animating Cultures by Alisha and Chao

As animation students with roots in Taiwan, Chao and Alisha hope to present a variety of East Asian cultures in their graduation film project. The aim of their project is to encourage greater understanding and appreciation of cultural heritage in younger generations. To this end, the team has created a gaming environment in the film, making the concept more accessible for upcoming generations. The team will present and lead conversations about the variety of cultural objects and wardrobes featured in the film. Along with the cultural aspect, Chao and Alisha will also provide information on the filmmaking process, from sketches to renders.

Taking part in “Help Shape the Courtyard”, the team hopes to gain publicity and support for this project and other similar ones, with the goal of influencing younger generations to help make change where it is needed.

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About Alisha and Chao
Chao and Alisha

The Animating Culture team consists of two Emily Carr University students, Alisha Steinberger and Chao Wu. Both Alisha and Chao have roots in in Taiwan, though they grew up removed from their cultural heritage. Interest in animation and cultures brought the team together, working on various projects including As the Crow Flies in collaboration with Cameron Cartiere in Vancouver (August 2018) and Rainstory the Show in collaboration with Rainstory in Taiwan (August 2018). Passion for animation goes far beyond their studies, and the team believes that animation has the potential to change how we perceive and understand cultures.

Alisha Steinberger    

Chao Wu